Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Curiosity made a great discovery?

Team Mission Mars Science Laboratory implied that they have some important news that they will be ready to share soon. But, like all serious scientists, they are awaiting confirmation of their results before say something specific. In an interview with the American radio station National Public Radio (NPR) science mission chief John Graettinger said that a sample of Martian soil, studied recently with the tool SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars) rover Curiosity, showed something "stunning ('earthshaking').

SAM tool was created to study the chemical and isotopic compositions of the Martian atmosphere and soil. SAM looks for organic molecules which play an important role in the search for life on Mars.

The team mission is not in a hurry to publish their results, since some time ago there was a misunderstanding concerning the adoption of a sample of Martian air from Florida, which fell into the spectrometer rover. Therefore, according to the radio station Graettinger NPR, the results will have to wait a few weeks.

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