Sunday, November 4, 2012

Galaxies eat each other, not to die

The information galaxies eat each other, known to astronomers for a long time. Scientists for years to collect evidence of such a “galactic cannibalism”, and a neat coil, located inside the nearby elliptical galaxies, are yet another indication that such processes are very common in the universe.

Some time ago, a team of astronomers using a telescope Sub-Millimeter Array (SMA), found in our nearest active elliptical galaxy Centaurs a small spiral rotating gas with properties similar to those of a spiral galaxy.

Canonical approach to the classification of galaxies, called the "Hubble tuning fork", refers to the separation of the variety of existing forms of elliptical galaxies and spiral, and then dividing the class into subclasses of spiral galaxies barred spiral galaxy without it. It is assumed that in spiral galaxies are active star formation, and elliptical galaxies are "dying."

However, observations show that the absorption of "dying" young elliptical galaxy spiral galaxy returns dying monster to life. At least for a while...

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