Thursday, November 29, 2012

In Scotland, found a house built 10,000 years ago

In the north-west of Edinburgh, near Queensberry in the construction of a road bridge over the River Forth were discovered the remains of a prehistoric house built more than 10,000 years ago.

"The construction of the bridge, designed to facilitate the development of Scotland in the future, it helped to understand the past, "- says the opening of Scotland's Transport Minister Keith Brown.

The find appears as an oval pit depth of about two feet and a length of not less than seven meters. Located in a pit pole-holes were designed to strengthen the walls and roof of the structure to the ground. In addition, the archaeologists found numerous flint tools, arrowheads, and even shell hazelnut.

"This is a rare discovery will allow us to better determine how prehistoric man lived in the north of the UK in the river Forth, - says Ed Bailey of the company Headland Archaeology, coordinating excavation. - At present, work continues, and soon, we hope to reconstruct a detailed picture of the Mesolithic way of life. "

The current building was inhabited for at least 8240 BC, which was established by radiocarbon dating method.

Traces of ancient hearth indicate that maintain heat in the room. According to scientists, the structure was intended to survive the cold winter months. For insulating the roof and walls was probably used moss, peat or turf.

About 10-12 thousand years ago in Europe came to an end of the last ice age. The temperature rise and melting glaciers have led to rising sea levels. Great Britain became an island, separated from Ireland and continental Europe.

Climate change has led to an increase in forest area. In the era that preceded the Neolithic Revolution, the ancient inhabitants of Britain semi-nomadic group of hunter-gatherers who presumably were the ancient inhabitants of the house.

Note that such ancient houses in the UK have found before. For example, Hoviksky house, built about 9500 years ago, or ancient structure at Star Carr, with an age of more than 10 thousand years.

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