Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mountains Nereid indicate "glacial past" Mars

High-resolution stereo camera orbiting Mars the Mars Express took pictures of the mountain range of Nereid at a distance of almost 380 kilometers north-east of the crater Hook.

Affects its magnificence mountainous terrain surrounding the Nereids, stretched along the northern edge of the basin Argir, one of the largest shock depressions on Mars.

Extensive branching channels observed in the north of the region (bottom right) were formed when liquid water is flowing to the interior of the zone after heavy rains allegedly took place in the distant "water" past of Mars.

Some of the craters of the region, especially in its eastern part (bottom) show a concentric filling characteristic of the process of Mars, which show the form of relief in the form of concentric rings inside these craters.

The relationship between the diameter and depth-filled craters suggests that they may be water ice, possibly in the form of ancient glaciers, beneath the surface, covered by a layer of debris from collisions with space bodies.

Depth study of the region near the mountains Nereid is designed not only to better understand the geological history of the Red Planet, but also to identify areas for possible future human missions.

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