Sunday, November 11, 2012

Scientists found ancient tools that were used 70 thousand years ago

Total found 27 microlites whose length does not exceed three inches. Scientists have found that they were used 71,000 years ago.

In the south of the continent near the town of Mossel Bay is a lot of caves that were once inhabited the prehistoric man. This place is studied by anthropologists in 2000 and is known as Pinnacle Point. Scientists believe that there is hidden a lot of traces of Homo sapiens, so there is under active exploration.

One of the latest findings shed light on the ancient era that preceded the mass resettlement of humanity to other continents, which is supposed to be started 60-65 thousand years ago.

Exploring the area of ​​sediment depth 13.4 meters, archaeologists have discovered tiny, processed pieces of flint, called microlites. Attach to the handle microliths could be part of an ancient spear, harpoon or arrow, which explains the variety of shapes and sizes.

All scientists have found 27 microlites whose length does not exceed three inches. The researchers found that they were used 71,000 years ago - the age was determined by the level of occurrence in the soil and tested using optical dating. The latter method allows you to know how much time passed since the last contact with the mineral sunlight.

The special value of the detected microliths is that they were made a long time ago, back in the days when there was a reasonable man on a primitive level of development: not own script, but probably subdued fire.

Previously, scientists believed that people were made microliths occasionally, because they were not able to retain knowledge. Thus, in previous excavations microliths found in layers dated to 40 thousand years old and 60-65 thousand years.

"The findings indicate that people were pretty smart, and the populations are sufficiently numerous, and they were able to transfer their knowledge from generation to generation, - says Professor Marian Curtis Institute for the Study of Human Origin. - It is likely that the transfer of knowledge was accompanied by the development of language. "

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