Friday, November 2, 2012

The presence of massive extrasolar planets around star Fomalhaut

Nearest star Fomalhaut has a massive exoplanet, reported NASA scientists after the second study using space telescope "Hubble".

Back in 2008, astronomers announced that they had discovered a planet called Fomalhaut B and shrouded in dust orbiting star Fomalhaut at a distance of 25 light years from Earth.

More recent research, however, has shown that this interpretation is incorrect. Based on the apparent motion of the object and the data that were found by NASA's infrared space telescope, "Spitzer" they argue that the object is a common cloud of dust.

Now, however, NASA said that the original theory was correct. Scientists to completely rethink all data received from the telescope "Hubble" in the observations of the stars in the period from 2004 to 2006. They found the planet because of its visible wavelength of about 600-800 nm. They also found emanating from her violet light of about 400 nanometers. And, in contrast to earlier studies, the scientists found that a mysterious planet has a constant brightness.

According to the researchers, given what is known about the behavior of dust, they discovered a planetary object that is completely immersed in the dust, not just free-floating clouds of dust.

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