Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weather on Mars (Suns 70-84)

Continuing with the study of the Martian climate, we start where we left off last time in the sun 70 of Curiosity.


Maximum temperatures are being abnormally low considering that temperatures were higher in late winter now, in Martian spring.

Only in the sun 70 could see temperatures exceeding the barrier of 0 ° C, where it was +1 ° C, although the Suns 73, 78 and 82 were measured at 0 ° C. Maximum

Minimum temperatures were maintained at the values ​​that have been recorded since measurements began REMS. In these days the average minimum temperature has been -72 ° C.

At this time there appears to be a relationship between the maximum and minimum overlap because variations, especially in the early days of the half analyzed, so that the temperature range has remained largely constant values ​​around 71 ° C.

Air pressure

As atmospheric pressure, atmospheric pressure has been increasing gradually, this time with a regular slope in the last fortnight.

For the first time it has reached 8 hPa values ​​without a significant peak. The only pressure drop occurred in the sun 82 which is moved from a value of 7.99 to 7.98 hPa hPa, while the next day was restored to a value of 8.01 hPa. The rest of the fortnight, has only to climb, except 75 and 76 soles which remained at a value of 7.91 hPa.

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