Sunday, December 16, 2012

China's space probe flew close to the asteroid Tutatis

Chinese space probe 'Chang'e-2 "safely conducted planned military exercises, including it flew very close to the asteroid Tutatis who is currently at about 7 million kilometers from Earth.

During his travels in deep space, "Chang'e-2" circled the asteroid December 13, 2012 at 16:30:09 Beijing time. This flight was the closest by an asteroid Tutatis flight, which was named after the Celtic god. 

Thanks to the satellite "Chang'e-2" China has become the fourth country after the U.S., European Union and Japan, which are set to study the asteroid with a spacecraft.

"Chang'e-2" flying at a distance of about 3.2 kilometers from the asteroid and took photos of a celestial body at a relative speed of 10.73 kilometers per second. The spacecraft continues to travel and be able to reach a distance of more than 10 million miles from Earth in January 2013. "Chang'e-2" was launched on October 1, 2010 from the Baikonur Xichang. He managed to fly around the Moon.

"Chang'e-2" left lunar orbit and hit the road to make a long mission to the Earth-Sun June 9, 2011 since the launch of the spacecraft made a few records, including a fact that he was the first who made a map with a resolution of 7 meters, completely covering the surface of the moon.

Earlier this year, Chinese scientists published a full coverage maps of the moon, and, in addition, several images of the cosmic body with sufficiently high resolution.

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