Sunday, December 2, 2012

Galactic hobbits

What do we know about galaxies, Hobbits, and why they have such a peculiar name?

The name "hobbit galaxies" ("hobbit galaxy") - this is quite a new term used to describe galaxies that are smaller and dimmer than the dwarf galaxies. By the number of stars that inhabit such galaxies (hundreds of thousands of stars), these objects occupy an intermediate position between dwarf galaxies and star clusters.

At the moment, science is unknown but one example of the galaxy, which is clearly more suitable for "inaccurate" definition hobbit galaxies. This galaxy is known as Leo T. It was opened in 2007 during the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS).

This galaxy, the hobbit is at 1.4 million light years from Earth. It is under the gravitational influence of our own galaxy, "the Milky Way."

Luminosity galaxies hobbit Leo T is only 50 000 of our suns, which is very small even for a dwarf galaxy.

Scientists suggest that this galaxy, the hobbit is in transition between the galaxy and something else.

Around our Milky Way galaxy also contains 7 very small and faint dwarf galaxies, some of which can be attributed to galaxies, hobbits, but as yet there is no clear definition of the term and its inherent characteristics, astronomers have not yet decided on what to enroll these galaxies in the category of the hobbits.

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