Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Scientists have uncovered the secret of the Bermuda Triangle

Vanishing of ships and aircraft in the Atlantic Ocean are due to methane gas that is released from the cracks of the antique plates. According to scientists gas turns into giant bubbles that reach the surface and "absorb" all that will meet them on the way.

Riddle of the Bermuda Triangle, "absorb" it gets into court, concerned mankind are more than half a century. 

Employees of the Australian Monash University in Melbourne, Joseph Monaghan and his assistant David May argue that the mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft in the infamous area of the Atlantic there is a logical explanation. According to them, all the fault of natural methane gas emitted from the cracks of the ancient plates that are stacked ocean floor in the region.

According to their theory, the gas, freed from the ocean floor, turns into a giant bubbles that reach the surface and "absorb" anything that gets in their way. Scientists argue that methane formation reached such proportions that, if cut in the water, may even bring down low-flying aircraft.

First, the researchers tested their theory by creating a computer model, which confirmed that anybody, coming into the gas bubble is trapped and sinks. The researchers then conducted a corresponding experiment already in the field. Fill a large container with water, they are placed on the surface a few toy ships, and the bottom started serving methane.

It turned out that the court, which has not carried into the center of the bubble to please, go to the bottom. Also, scientists have explained why the Bermuda Triangle ships often found with dead bodies - the crew simply choked harmful methane. Be that as it may, for the moment, the global scientific community, not in a hurry to officially recognize the theory of Australians.

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