Monday, February 4, 2013

"Curiosity" began to drill the surface of Mars

At the first time "Curiosity" tried his drill on the surface of Mars. According to BBC News, the robot has continually struck by a brown rock on the surface of the Gale Crater.

On the rover obtained images show traces of the chisel. Until now, the surface of the Red Planet's drill did not try. 

As previously reported, aimed at "Curiosity" chose unusual rocks half a kilometer from the landing site.

Before the beginning of Martian rock drilling specialists NASA had to make sure that the drill is working properly. "So far, everything works with the drilling of a well, in the early stages, we are well advanced. The breed seems quite soft and easily. This is encouraging, "- BBC News quoted Professor John Grottsingera (John Grotzinger) from the project" Curiosity. "

Gold mining will be carried out with the help of bacteria
Drilling surface Gale Crater "Curiosity" specialists from NASA will help determine whether Mars could live bacteria. Depositional provide information about the conditions under which they were formed.

"Curiosity" landed on Mars August 6, 2012 and the six months have tested almost all of their devices, discovered a dry stream and analyzed Martian soil and found in it traces of chlorine and oxygen.

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