Saturday, February 2, 2013

Make stars are born

Astronomers have calculated that the birth of planets around young stars can occur even at a later stage than previously considered. In the study of the properties of star TW Hydra found strong evidence. This star is at a distance of 176 light-years from Earth, refers to the spectral type K8 and attracts the surrounding gas and dust astronomers drive. A few years ago, close to the TW Hydra was discovered planet, which weighs slightly larger than Jupiter.

New research conducted by the infrared telescope, made ​​it clear that the stage of the formation of new planets is still ongoing. Despite the age of the star, and she was about 10 million years old, was found in the disk cluster enough "building material for a new planetary system.

Until now, astronomers have underestimated the existence of reserves.

The new method is based on the spectroscopic studies, the expansion of the radiation in the spectral range with an additional search of characteristic changes. In this way, astrophysics gets most of the information about our universe. Any telescope equipped with a spectrograph, but a group of experts from NASA and ESA took up the development of hydrogen deuteride, which in itself is common, but its range is much more visible in the infrared.

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