Sunday, March 24, 2013

NASA reports of outbreaks are consistent with the version of a meteor

Witness of the flash of light observed in the sky beyond the Atlantic Coast of the U.S., recommend that the reason of these outbreaks was likely a single meteor; officials said the U.S. space agency. Witnesses described his heavenly fireworks, not skimping on the comparison.

"Judging from the brightness, we are dealing with something as bright as the full Moon, - said Bill Cooke of NASA's Laboratory meteoric environment on Friday. - Our stone entered the atmosphere somewhere in the north-east. "

Cook said that only on the Web site of the American Meteor Society has presented more than 350 reports of this event.

A member of the society said Robert Langsfold publication USA Today that "it looked like a huge, dazzling fireball."

Matt Moore, editor of the news columns agency The Associated Press said he was position in line at a concert in Philadelphia, and fell to the ground already twilight when he saw a "rapidly stretch long white line in the sky." Moore said, "It looked like a plane coming to the hallway at the ground". 

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