Monday, April 1, 2013

Five quotation marks from Einstein on relativity

A day like today, namely the March 20, 1916, Albert Einstein formulated his theory of relativity. Here are five clever lines set by the German physicist about his most famous creation.

"When courting a beautiful girl, an hour seems like a second. But you sit on red hot coal; a second seems like an hour. That's relativity." Albert Einstein.

"Sometimes I wonder how I came to develop the theory of relativity. The reason, I think, is that a normal adult never stops to think about problems of space and time. These are things that are intended for children, but my development intellectual was delayed, and as a result I began to wonder questions about space and time when it had grown. “Albert Einstein.

"If my theory of relativity is correct, the Germans will say I'm German and French that I am a citizen of the world. But if not, the French will say I'm German, and the Germans that I am Jewish." Albert Einstein.

"Since the mathematicians have invaded my theory of relativity even I understand it." Albert Einstein.

"The theory of relativity does not have a speculative origin but entirely due birth to desire to make physical theory consistent with the observed facts." Albert Einstein.

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