Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Scientists have resolute the age of Saturn's rings

Saturn's rings are almost the same age of the Sun. The wrapping up was made ​​by the American astrophysicist new photographs, sent to Earth the spacecraft Cassini.

After analyzing the data collected by the probe, the researchers came to the conclusion that water ice, from which mainly consist of the ring and, 

arose during the birth of the solar system - about 4 billion years ago.

According to experts, a further analysis of the composition of the gas giant rings help you understand how originated and developed the solar system, because the matter of Saturn's rings is the same to the one that was involved in the formation of the other planets.

According to the latter theory, the rings of Saturn are created from the remains of his decaying satellites. So, at the dawn of the solar system revolved around Saturn several large satellites under the influence of gravity, one after another came down from their orbits and destroyed. In this light ice component remained in space, and the heavy minerals of the heavenly bodies were absorbed by the planet. Subsequently captured by the gravity ice next satellite of Saturn and the cycle is repeated again. When was the last of the Saturn capture their "primary" satellites around the planet formed a "cloud" of ice, says NIA-Baikal.

However, a number of scientists believe that the formation of the rings may well be bidirectional or recover. According to them, some satellites could well emerge from the material of rings around Saturn. Note to date from the "primary" Saturn's moons Titan was only.

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