Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hubble sees galaxies colliding in outer space

Space Telescope NASA / European Space Agency "Hubble" recently made ​​this beautiful picture a pair of interacting galaxies known as Arp 142. When two galaxies approach each other so closely that they begin to interact with each other, they both appear spectacular changes. In some cases, two galaxies can come together, and in the other - on the contrary, to be ripped.

Just below the center of this picture is blue, "tangled" galaxy NGC 2936, one of the two interacting galaxies that form Arp 142 in the constellation Hydra. Amateur astronomers dubbed "Penguin" or "Dolphin», NGC 2936 was previously the standard spiral galaxy, which tore apart the gravity of its companion space.

The remains of its spiral structure is still possible to consider - the structure, formerly the galactic bulge, now forms the "eye" of a penguin, around which are still visible education, which were previously spiral arms of the galaxy. These now form the sleeves ripped "body" Birds Space as bright red and blue stripe running along the picture. These bands are bent in the direction of the companion NGC 2936 - an elliptical galaxy NGC 2937, which is visible in the image as white oval.

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