Friday, June 28, 2013

Scientists have discovered why people like the smell of rain

Many people would like the smell of rain. This is inbuilt in human nature. Some scientists believe that a person has inherited his love for the smell of rain from the ancestors, which was equal to the rainy weather survival.

There are several flavors that are associated with precipitation and are impressed by the man, reports Rosbalt.

One of these is called petrichor odors. It appears when the rain comes after a long drought. The term petrichor accompanying this phenomenon was coined 50 years ago by Australian scientists who have studied the smells damp and wet weather.

This is derived from the two chemical reactions. In times of drought, some plants secrete oil, and when it rains, the oil fumes are released, creating a fragrance. The second reaction that creates the smell occurs when chemicals are released, produced by soil bacteria known as actinomycetes.

Another flavor that is associated and has a connection with the rain - it's the smell of ozone. During Rain zipper molecule splits into hydrogen and nitrogen atmosphere, and they are transformed into nitric oxide. This material reacts with other chemicals in the air, forming ozone having a pungent odor, which, however, like most people.

When someone says that he feels the smell of rain, it is said that the wind from the approaching storm brought with it the smell of ozone.

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