Thursday, July 11, 2013

At the tail of the heliosphere found surprising image

Spacecraft NASA Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) recent initiates the first images showing the whole entire "leeward" side of the sun, the structure of which was a surprise to scientists.

When the sun moves through our galaxy, the Milky Way behind it reaches the "tail" of solar particles, like the tail of a comet. Previously, 

researchers believed that the tail represents a solid education, but an analysis of new images provided by the spacecraft IBEX, has demonstrated that it is not. Scientists have discovered that the tail is composed of two "interest" by deviating from the line of motion of the sun across the galaxy because of the impact on the tail of the heliosphere of the sun outside the Milky Way's magnetic field.

"We picked up the term for these structures very carefully and the name of the" interest "seemed to us most appropriate, - said Dr. Dave McComas, a research project manager and assistant vice president of the Space Science and construction of the Southwest Research Institute, USA. - It may well be that these structures are divided among themselves, but to say that we cannot, until further studies. " 

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