Thursday, July 11, 2013

Detected radio Bursts of light sources of our galaxy

Astronomers, including members of the team NASA" s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., found the first availability of radio bursts, we know that they come from galaxies outside our own Milky Way. Bursts of light sources are unknown, but they are similar to those which happen during catastrophic events, or the like - a merger or an explosion of stars, and the like - triggers.

One of a series of radio bursts were detected for about six years ago, but the researchers did not know that they have come to us from a distance farther outside our galaxy.

New radio bursts detected so far only four - are from billions of light years from Earth, they erase any doubt that this phenomenon is real. The discovery, described in the issue of "Science" on July 4, comes from an international team that used the observatory "Parks" in Australia.

Continue to update the information using radio bursts observatory "Parks" progress. Researchers are studying the topic through other telescopes. For example, V-Fastr project developed in JPL, is currently working with the Very Long Baseline National Radio Astronomy Observatory Array, a member of the international network of telescopes. This will allow scientists to more quickly locate the place of origin of flares on the exact location of the distant galaxy and identify the source.

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