Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hubble telescope has found the impossible planet

Scientists are puzzled by the new discovery that could make using the space telescope Hubble. They found outside our solar system planet, the conditions of origin of which modern science can not yet explain. The report is published on the website of the Institute Space Telescope. Cosmic body surprising origin was discovered during monitoring situated at a distance of 176 light-years from Earth, the star TW Hydra. Heavenly body, which exoplanet, is removed from the star is 12 billion kilometers, reports the publication .

The Astrophysical Journal. The fact of heterogeneity of gas and dust disk TW Hydra indicates the formation of the planet. In the disk of gas and many small fragments, scientists spotted a long hole, which is a direct evidence of the formation of the young planet. According to the calculations of researchers, the approximate weight of a celestial body is a 6 - 16 times the mass of our planet. Home puzzle TW Hydra encountered by scientists, is her age - she was only 8 million years old, which, as previously thought, astronomers, quite a bit for the formation of new planets around the star. In addition, the stars, and she weighs very little: its mass is less than the mass of the Sun is 55%. "If we have correctly measured the mass, then it is just amazing. The existence of the detected planets in the theory is simply impossible, "- the words of the Institute of Astrophysics Science Carnegie Alan Boss publication The Daily Mail. Experts are now to be clarified whether the planet is found exception. If so, all have been accepted theory of planet formation will be subject to review and revision.

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