Monday, July 15, 2013

Large sunspot group

In the Academy of Sciences astro photographers circle he was not previously active, even more warmly now our "Welcome". On 7 July this year, he managed the mosaic of an interesting area to a large sunspot group (AR 1785). He used a Meade Refractor (ED 152 mm with 3x Barlow lens) and as a DMK camera 21AU618.AS. At 3657 mm effective focal length (aperture 24) the frames of the video sequence were exposed to 0.2 ms. 

Author of this picture: "On Sunday morning, 07.07.2013, we had at the Walter Hohmann Observatory, a good seeing, which allowed unusually harsh sun photos. The mosaic of AR 1785 was created by a lens solar filter and a green filter. With 6 RegiStax the average of the best 256 of 200 frames was formed and sharpened. "

Note the AdW teams: The sun was again reinforced in recent times in view of the photographer; the point is underscored by activities on our specialist group mailing list. Many deep-sky photographers - a little frustrated by the weather suitable for deep sky - the sun has now discovered as a field of activity, completely justified! The equipment for a passionate photographer sun is now in commercial trade Astro extensive and qualitatively available up to high expectations. So - look for the sun shined! 

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