Saturday, July 20, 2013

NASA selected the advanced technological concepts for further development

NASA has selected 12 proposals, including two from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena (of California), for the study of the first phase of the Subsidiary Innovative Concepts (NIAC). The program focuses on a detailed study and elaboration of existing concepts without specific algorithm they use to humans. Thus, through this process, it is planned to make a series of scientific fantasies into reality.
The selected 12 applications, a rather controversial concept, including 3-D printing of biomaterials, such as cells. 

This also included the concept and use of galactic cosmic rays, to display and explore the inner world of the asteroid. Another of the concepts adopted by NASA - a "perpetual flight" special platform that can hover in the Earth's atmosphere and become a source of Wi-Fi, energy and more, as well as to provide images of the Earth in the best quality.

NASA's Science Mission Directorate chose this year's origin point of a new era that may soon change our lives.

"This Phase 1 includes potential breakthroughs in the study of the Earth and space, a variety of operations and the potential for new ways of scientific development that would entail possible expansion of human civilization and commerce, and space-related" - said the software for the project Jay Volker . 

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