Wednesday, July 24, 2013

NASA wants to exceed the speed of light

Nobody is surprised that NASA wishes to exceed the speed of light, which to our knowledge is the fastest in the universe. Most potentially habitable planets found the U.S. space agency are several light years away, meaning that for many years we would need to travel at the speed of light to reach them. This is no doubt a problem, because currently we are not able to achieve even a tenth of the speed of light, although the agency supergeniuses already working on it.

Physicist Harold G. White hopes to use speed travel "warp" (or push warp ) to exceed the speed of light. 

The direct translation of "warp" amounts to something like deformation, and in this case what is sought is to warp space-time to reach a distant point, or in other words, would amount to something like teleport.

White and his team are working in a lab trying to "distort" the path of a photon and change their fate in a defined area. This technology is still several years ahead of us, but with enough time to conduct research and testing we are confident that success will be achieved.

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