Thursday, July 4, 2013

Scientists are working on the protection of terrestrial energy systems from solar storms

Ground-based tools allow scientists to obtain new information about solar eruptions that threaten life on Earth.

Experts of the British geological survey (BGS) began collecting data from three research stations in the UK to assess the influence of powerful solar storms on our planet's power grid.

Although coronal mass ejections - giant solar eruptions of hot plasma - is extremely difficult to predict, but scientists are trying to explore the possibilities of the most effective protection of terrestrial power systems from overloads associated with extreme manifestations of space weather.

Our planet is constantly flowing underground weak currents that do not pose a significant hazard. But solar storm could strengthen such currents to the electrical infrastructure threaten Earth values.

Three research stations in the UK, will give researchers the opportunity to produce the first long-term continuous measurements of ground currents in the country, according to representatives of the BGS.

Experts from the BGS will use the data collected during this survey, to create new scientific models that will help them better understand and accurately predict the effects of space weather.

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