Monday, July 29, 2013

Virtual glasses and drones together in Oculus Rift FPV

Since started shipping the first sets of Oculus Rift, in a number of creative models of virtual reality glasses together with other devices to form a completely new devices.

Although most have done a good job of immersing users into the virtual environment, the latest project from Intuitive Aerial can provide unique insights into the real world. 

The project, called Oculus Rift FPV allows the pilot to control the UAV without removing the virtual reality glasses, so gives an overview of a 360-degree bird's eye view, it does not leave the ground.

Intuitive Aerial Swedish company specializing in the installation of on-board camera equipped with one of the aircraft Black Armor Drone makeshift wooden unit, a laptop and two cameras positioned side-by-side. Video filmed webcams laptop compressed in real time and sent to another computer on the ground via Wi-Fi 802.11n (2.4 GHz), which is connected to Oculus Rift, allowing the owner to substantially all visible from the standpoint of air unit. Live video comes with a delay of 120 ms.

At this point, it's pretty simple system, but the designers are planning to simplify the design, adding a host of new features. Currently, the communication range between two computers is 50 - 100 m (164 - 328 feet), but the equipment is of a higher class can extend it more than ten times, according to developers. In the future, the team also hopes to remove the laptop from the board and replace it with a smaller electronics with individual programs, which would reduce the delay.

The main goal is to expand the field of view of webcams by replacing the current model with two or more high-quality cameras, each of which is equipped with a fisheye lens. Later versions of Rift Oculus FPV will be updated to accommodate the mounting of cameras, so that the pilot will be able to look around and repeat the movement of the camera.

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