Thursday, August 8, 2013

Astronomers were able to take a picture of "The Decline in Mordor"

Scientists from the European Space Agency / European Space Agency, ESA / Hubble using / Hubble Space Telescope, HST /, which is currently orbiting the Earth, got a photo and called it "The Decline in Mordor." The picture shows clearly seen darkening cloud, due to which light penetrates the star, which was formed recently.

A photograph of the equatorial constellation Ophiuchus / Lat. - Ophiuchus / star found under the code name RNO 91, at which radiation is caused only by gravitational contraction, not a thermonuclear reaction. Weight of light is equal to about half the mass of our Sun, that is; perhaps, the transition to the stage of fusion reactions will be inevitable.

The circumference of the circle was found star which comprises vomzozhno frozen gas, as well as dust particles whose diameter is approximately equal to 1700 AU. In the back of the disc, the futures are exoplanets, and later a cloud around the star can evolve into a real planetary system.

The study of such protostars provides scientists recreate the development of new stars, including the Sun. In addition, monitoring of gas flows, gives the opportunity to explore how the interaction between an interstellar medium and the stars themselves. The most recent observations have shown us the dual role of flows. Since the first side can be said that the strong gas flows "throw" of the substance superfluous galaxies with a second - the same flow of gas may form portions of higher density, which subsequently starts to form a new star.

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