Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The European Space Agency has removed a fantastic short film

Major international organizations are engaged not only important research. They are also not alien and a love for art. That and the European Space Agency (ESA) from time to time finds a free moment, and gives to the public a short film of Rosetta mission.

No Aliens, we are alone in the Universe

The biological process that led to the emergence of intelligent life on Earth occurred serendipitously. Professor Brian Cox believes that such could hardly be repeated anywhere 'no Aliens, we are alone in the Universe'  .

Russia be determined to stake a claim for themselves the best spots on the moon

Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos), together with the Russian Academy of Sciences has developed a package of proposals for the lunar program Russia. The aim of the new program is operational consolidation in the prospective area of the Earth's satellite - the south pole of the moon.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Moon to Meet Jupiter in Early Saturday Morning Sky

If your sky is clear early morning, you'll be treated to a lovely celestial scene as a fat, waning crescent moon passes just over 7 degrees below and to the right of the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter. Your clenched fist held at arm's length measures approximately 10 degrees, so the moon and Jupiter will appear spaced roughly three-quarters of a fist apart.

Giant comet to pass Mars for the first time in a million years

The closest look ever at a new comet will happen when the mountain-size comet Siding Spring buzzes past Mars this weekend. The comet will buzz the Red Planet on October 19. NASA

A comet on a once-in-a-million-years journey will graze the atmosphere of Mars, astronomically speaking, this Sunday. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

NASA is preparing for the flight of a comet Siding Spring near Mars

NASA is preparing for an exciting event space - flight of the comet Siding Spring at a very close distance to Mars. Oct. 19 comet, made ​​its way into billions of miles, will be held at a distance of 139,500 kilometers from Mars, which is about one-third of the distance from the Earth to the Moon. 

NASA released the image strange hexagon on Saturn

Forget about the rings of Saturn. Another amazing feature that can be clearly seen only exceptionally distant spacecraft is a whirlwind of strange hexagonal shape, which has been active for at least 30 years old. Cassini NASA's captured this spectacular picture of a jet stream of geometric shapes Saturn in July 2013 from a distance of approximately 973,000 kilometers from the planet.

Image, which was published by NASA this week, has a scale 58 kilometers per pixel and obtained in the direction of the illuminated segment of the rings at 33 degrees above the ring plane. 

Sputnik: A 57 years since the launch of the Space Age

Before humanity received with shock the news of the launch of the first artifact into space in 1957, had not been more than 12 years of having completed the Second World War. The war military conflict that caused severe disruption in political relations and social configuration of the world.
Although the fighting ceased on the ground after the victory of the Allies over the Axis in 1945, 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

India will join the Earth observation missions

Toronto signed an agreement on cooperation between NASA and the Indian Space Agency for join the Earth observation missions.

Last month, the MAVEN spacecraft and the Indian spacecraft MOM arrived safely to the Red Planet with a difference of only a few days. In honor of that event, the Indian space probe for the first time in the history of mankind has reached Mars; 

Total eclipse of the moon will be visible on October 8

National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) calls not to miss the last of this year a total lunar eclipse that will occur on 8 October. Following a similar phenomenon, according to forecasts, will be seen only 4 April 2015.

Partial eclipse will last from 15:15 to 20:33 hours and from 17:25 to complete 18:24 local time. 

Man on mars

The Red Planet has been getting a lot of attention recently, between India's low-cost MOM probe entering Mars's orbit, NASA's MAVEN doing the same, and the Curiosity rover reaching the most potentially fertile site yet for signs of ancient life. Elon Musk has even talked about building a city there. For most people who look out at the night sky and wonder whether we're alone, Mars holds our best hope for proving that we're not.

According to Science Alert, Pluto Is A Planet After All

A group of scientists gathered last week to debate over what a planet actually is. After a popular vote, the congregation decided that Pluto does, indeed, fit the description of a planet — at least for the purposes of our solar system. The debate over Pluto’s fate took place at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics between three experts. 

India took a picture of Mars—and found a picture of India

Indians space odyssey are swooning over the first images of Mars taken from their country’s Mars Orbiter Mission—and some are saying MOM captured not just the Red Planet, but also an image of India.

UPI reports that the shape resembles the sub-continent is a surface discoloration.

Trying to find any shapes in the dust and clouds may be as meaningful as, well, staring at the clouds of earth. 

China sets a world record 370-day for human life on the moon

The Beijing University of Aviation and Cosmonautics completed a 370-day experiment to simulate the lives of people on the moon, settin...