Saturday, July 25, 2015

Scientists have mapped the Pluto in format Google Earth

Community service Google Earth can now explore the dwarf planet Pluto on a map drawn on the basis of images from the spacecraft, "New Horizons" by NASA. The interactive map gives a preliminary idea of what it looks like, this distant planet.

Map style Google Earth is made up of pictures taken using the tools LORRI and Ralph on board the spacecraft "New Horizons." The file is available for download on the sitepluto. The map is updated as new information becomes available.

Latest updates are taken from the map, a recent NASA. Interactive map provides the tools that may allow to decipher the mysterious light and dark spots on the surface of Pluto.

Map of Pluto
One of the dark areas on Pluto is the code name "whale". It is located along the equator, and it reaches a length of about 3 thousand kilometers. To her right is the brightest region in the world, which, according to scientific guesses, a young deposits of frozen gases such as methane, nitrogen and carbon monoxide.

Further to the right you can see the four mysterious dark spots, the nature of which is yet to be established. The tail, the left side of the picture, is a ring-shaped structure, which can be impact crater and volcano. Scientists are waiting for new pictures that will allow them to give a more accurate estimate.

Close-up images will be received on 14 July when the spacecraft "New Horizons" Pluto fit 

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