Monday, August 3, 2015

"Space": running on the waves of gravity

A hundred years ago, an inquisitive mind of a genius, Albert Einstein assumed that the universe is filled with gravitational waves, and even described their properties. To this day, scientists continue to look for them. The "Space" invites viewers to witness these searches in Hanover, Germany.

Thus, all objects of the universe - colliding black holes, collapsing stars, planets - create ripples in the fabric of space-time, slightly distorting, deforming it. This "ripple" is the gravitational waves. 

The scientist, a member of the European project “LISA Pathfinder "Paul McNamara explains," Gravitational waves, as the name implies, it is vibrations generated by the gravitational mass. The universe is transparent for these waves - they are everywhere, they pass through the stars, planets, you and me. "

Any wave is difficult to catch, hold, and even gravity, and even more so. However, the effort is worthwhile. One of the largest European gravitational wave detectors located in Hanover, Germany. Carsten Dantsmann from the Institute for Gravitational Physics shows and says, "Here is the gravitational telescope" Geo-600. " Gravitational waves are calibrated by changing the distance between the test masses with a laser interferometer. Look, in two mutually perpendicular vacuum chambers 600 meters length mirror installed. The laser beam interferometer is divided, goes on both cameras, reflected and returning, reunited. "

The design of the telescope based on the fact that the gravitational wave distorts the metric in space-time through which passes. However, we are talking about extremely low distortion, which is extremely difficult to measure. "So far we have seen nothing that was not possible, but at any point in space, the star explodes, and here please, we shall see a signal."

Indeed, in the universe - the millions of potential sources of gravitational waves, so that sooner or later, their presence will be recorded. Patience does not take skill. Especially when it comes to preparing a coup in astrophysics as Professor Michel Hёrs explains: "The idea is to open a window into a completely different universe. Today, we see it through electromagnetic waves and neutrinos. A gravitational waves - is a completely different angle. We will be able to study them through the objects that do not emit that light, we believe. "

Gravitational waves are caught and in the world, and here-here will catch in space. Europeans are preparing to launch in October a unique spacecraft " LISA Pathfinder ", nicknamed" the hunter of the waves. "

The basis of the scientific equipment “LISA Pathfinder "are two cubes made ​​of an alloy of gold and platinum. They are held in space by means of electrostatic forces. Their position, the distance between them is measured continuously by means of an interferometer - in order to deformation space. If the first stage of Mrs. successful, it will be expanded.

Professor Hёrs enthusiastic: "We are doing today what had never been done. We are looking for something that was formulated a century ago, but still have not proven! You understand our impatience, right? "

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