Monday, March 13, 2017

An exhibition committed to the new space telescope, "James Webb" In the US

Interactive exhibition dedicated flagship space observatory NASA's next-generation telescope "James Webb» (James Webb Space Telescope, JWST ), is open now on the South by Southwest annual event (SXSW), which takes place in Austin, Texas, USA .

NASA, STScI (Space Telescope Science Institute) and the corporation Northrop Grumman Corporation acted as the organizers of this exhibition, which started on March 12 and will run until Saturday, March 18, NASA officials said in a published statement.

Space Telescope, "James Webb", whose value is about USD 8.8 billion, will be launched into space in 2018. The exhibition SXSW festival guests will be able to communicate with scientists and engineers involved in the project development and construction of the telescope.

"In this exhibition, held in the framework of the festival the SXSW, is a model of the telescope," James Webb ", created with the application of the principles of augmented reality, demonstrated an infrared camera, a 3-D animation of the telescope deployment, as well as the unique materials used in the creation of a space telescope" James Webb, "said representatives of NASA.

Tuesday, March 14, at 12:30 local time, the Texas scientists CDT project JWST will hold a roundtable titled "A New Look at the solar system: Nasa telescope next generation (New Eyes on Our Home System : NASA "s Next Telescope ), which will discuss the interesting questions related to this space telescope.

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