Monday, March 20, 2017

SpaceX ship will return to Earth the results of experiments on the ISS

The spacecraft SpaceX Dragon US company made a successful soft landing on Earth, splashed down off the coast of southern California near San Diego.

For five hours earlier unmanned transport craft undocked from the International Space Station and began to decline.
He will return to Earth a series of scientific and laboratory materials.

It is reported by " BBC Russian Service ".

Dragon arrived at the ISS last month, starting from the same pad at Cape Canaveral in Florida, which sent NASA lunar expedition.

On board were about 2.5 tons of food and water. On the way back the ship was loaded with about the same number of used equipment and medical research materials.

The other private, commercial company that NASA signed a contract for the delivery of cargo to the ISS, Orbital ATK going on Friday to launch its own craft this week, also from Cape Canaveral in Florida. However, it will be disposable ship, not intended for a soft landing on Earth. It will burn in the atmosphere after use.

Currently, the ISS is a crew of three Russians, two Americans and a Frenchman.


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