Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dragon's company SpaceX successfully disconnected from ISS and disappeared in the specified area

On Saturday, May 5, the American company Dragon's SpaceX, the cargo space shuttle had successfully disconnected from the International Space Station, and then safely disappeared in the specified area of ​​the Pacific Ocean. The cargo shuttle delivered about two tons of cargo to the Earth with the ISS.

"The successful casting of Dragon is confirmed, the third mission of SpaceX was completed to deliver cargo to the space station and return back, using a proven spacecraft," - said in SpaceX.

The company took advantage of the information provided by NASA - in the agency in advance calculated that the Dragon is wrecked in the Pacific Ocean, west of the California peninsula. Further it should be transported to the port of Long Beach, California.
Dragon delivered to the Earth materials of research concerning the influence of weightlessness on plants, as well as on the components of a number of medications. To bring the Dragon into orbit, SpaceX used the first stage of the Falcon 9 booster, which had already been used for another launch.

Recall, on April 3, the company SpaceX launched a carrier rocket Falcon 9 with cargo spacecraft Dragon. The mission was to deliver 2.6 tons of cargo, in particular, food and basic necessities, as well as equipment to the International Space Station (ISS).

In early February, it became known that the US Air Force destroyed part of the Falcon 9 missile, which fell into the Atlantic Ocean after the launch of the SES-16 / GovSat-1 communications satellite into orbit. SpaceX was not going to keep the first stage after launch, according to calculations, the rocket had to collapse, but survived.

The media reported that the Falcon 9 booster rocket could not deliver the secret government satellite Zuma into orbit. According to preliminary information from the interlocutors of journalists, due to a malfunction, the satellite could not separate from the second stage of the launch vehicle and fell with it into the ocean.

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