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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dark energy has earned the most powerful digital camera

Eight billion years ago, the light rays create by distant galaxies started their way towards the ground. Now, on top of the mountain in Chile, these rays will be fixed with the help of the most powerful in the world of digital cameras. Among other things, the light of distant galaxies can help scientists understand the universe still be expanded and, if so, how concentrated the process.

Scientists from the International Development Research Centre, which consider the dark energy, recently stated that the project "Camera dark energy", which lasted for the past 8 years, has finally "seen the light", and in the literal sense of the word. The first images of the southern areas of the sky were sealed 570-minute pixel camera.

Using such a tool for recording stars, opened a new page in the history of astronomy. Results of this work will bring scientists closer to understanding the mystery and the nature of dark energy, as well as the role that she plays in the universe. According to Deputy Director of the Department of Physics U.S. Department of Energy, "The camera dark energy" is the most powerful of kogda0libo existing tools used by researchers. This camera can simultaneously see and capture the light emitted by 100 thousands of galaxies, which can be removed from us at a distance of up to eight billion years. To understand the nature of dark energy, scientists will be able to answer the question as to why the expansion of the universe is not slowing down with, and vice versa - a.

The new device is intended, that would use it to carry out a major study of galaxies. At the same time, the device will perform as the collection of data on the darkest energy; in particular, it would be to collect information on supernovae, large galaxies and galaxy clusters, as well as the large-scale mergers galaxies and gravitational lenses.

The first testing of this huge camera will be launched in December this year. This is due to the fact that in the winter time, crystal clear air, above the Chilean Andes, is further purified and frost, that cannot positively affect the quality of pictures. first test shots of this camera is its ability to show scientists make images of the highest quality , as well as almost uniform spatial resolution.

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