Sunday, October 14, 2012

Astronomers have calculated the ancestors of the Sun

Two astronomers at the Geneva Observatory, and Georges Mathieu Gunel Maine, recently declare that they were able to build out what looked like "ancestors" of our sun. As you know, the birth of stars is in the depth of the gas-dust clouds, "metals" which are the remains of already dead and exploding stars that were ejected into interstellar space and the force of the explosion that ultimately form these same gas and dust clouds.

In the world of the stars, always follow the star is born only after dying "and its predecessor, as an inheritance, gaining the metals, as well as heavy items that exceed the molecular weight of helium. It is for them, the scientists and the opportunity to learn what occurred about 4.6 billion years ago in a nebula, which is located at a distance of 26 years from the solar system. The metal marker made of material such as iron-60 and aluminum-26, which were found in hondrulah. Hondruly - these are solid grains with a spherical shape and have a diameter of a few millimeters. These particles are found as inclusions in most of the studied meteorites and accepted that it hondruly are the first solid particles that have emerged in the solar system. Actually these isotopes hondrulah themselves have not had since the collapse they have quite small, but about the fact that they were present in hondrulah told their "daughter" elements, such as cobalt-60 and magnesium-26, respectively.

With the isotope aluminum scientists were less clear. If he and a half-life of 1.1 million years, was able to live up to the moment when the Sun formed in a star and start to generate their own hondruly, the first grain of sand that would become the planet, then it can only mean one thing - even before the birth of the sun, exploded star and gave Sun Life has had its composition isotopes of aluminum. This shock wave from the explosion of old stars made ​​dust cloud compression, which for formation of the first stars, and on the basis of the researchers were able to create a three-step scenario of the appearance of the sun.

The first step was the establishment of the short-lived stars. They were at a distance of 100 light years away from the place where the sun will be formed later. Due to their blast dust and gas cloud satiate iron, causing the birth of a different generation of stars. consisting of iron which had initially through a few million years, one of the stars belonging to the second generation has exploded near the place where the sun was born later, saturating the surrounding cloud is not only iron, but also aluminum, and also squeezed his explosion and its provided an opportunity arose around hundreds of stars, one of which was our star.

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