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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Researchers observe volcanoes of Io from Earth

Using a amalgamation of surveys conducted by ground-based telescopes, and the data from the archives, the research team has collected about 40 pictures of volcanic explosion that took place at the geologically active throughout our solar system object - Jupiter's moon Io.

Currently, there are no spacecraft capable of studying Io up close - Galileo mission ended back in 2003, and at least until 2030 is not planned any new expeditions to this satellite. But thanks to the efforts of the team of scientists, led by Frank Marchese, a researcher at the Center. Carl Sagan Institute searches for extraterrestrial intelligence SETI; monitoring volcanic activity of this satellite will not be interrupted. Marchese presented the results of observations of Io volcanic ground-based telescopes in the last ten years in the Division of Planetary Sciences meeting of the American Astronomical community in Reno, Nevada.

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