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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The orbit of the ISS has been raised by about 1 kilometer

The rectification of the orbit of the International Space Station to avoid a impact with debris U.S. satellite saints held on November 1.

The experts at NASA and the Russian Mission Control Center said they used to contrive the engine docked cargo ship.

Earlier in the Mission Control Center said that the threat of a collision with debris ISS no American satellite. 

The fact that the ballistics, having calculated trajectory of movement, decided to orbit correction station became known late in the evening on October 31.

U.S. satellite Iridium-33 collided with the Russian military communications satellite "Kosmos-2251" in February 2009. The collision devices formed with a diameter more than 600 fragments of two inches and a few thousand smaller particles.

ISS currently employs six people - astronauts from Russia, the U.S. and Japan.

Note that the debris around the Earth had already accumulated so much that, if it is further increasing the number of stops right now, the probability of collisions with operating facilities already served their will still be extremely high. Point that mathematicians call a point of no return has already been passed, the scientists conclude.

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