Friday, June 29, 2012

Chile develops the world Astronomy Center

From Monday 25 Chile receives the astrophysicist who discovered the accelerating expansion of our universe, for which he won the last Nobel specialty. After an initial debate, acknowledged the contribution sendo national astronomers.
Brian Schmidt, winner of the Nobel Prize in Astronomy 2011, accepted an invitation extended by 4 days the Millennium Nucleus for the Study of Supernovae , directed by Mario Hamuy, academic Astronomy Department (DAS) at the University of Chile.

The latter, The Nobel recognized a fundamental contribution to make to find models that allowed him to say that the universe is expanding.
Honorary Doctorate
No wonder one of the first activities to be undertaken laureate visit is the delivery of Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Chile , where Schmidt has scheduled 2 activities of free disclosure to the entire community oriented.
Among the intense work of Nobel's collaboration that always pays to researchers Calan-Tololo project, developed by the DAS, where the cappo of astronomy has been able to find key data to measure distances in the Universe and confirm its acceleration.
Chilean astronomy
His first academic activity carried out after receiving the medal and honorary doctorates will be in the Hall Gorbea, Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics, University of Chile, which will give a lecture entitled "Chile, Chileans and Astronomy."
On Tuesday June 26 , the doctor will give the lecture "Exploring the Cosmos from Chile: Understanding the Universe and How to Generate Prosperity Science" . The National Congress held in Santiago-based.
And Wednesday 27, at the Library of Santiago. deliver a lecture "The Accelerated Expansion of the Universe".

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