Sunday, July 1, 2012

CHILE: Chile seek to boost business in astronomy

The Atacama Desert in Chile, will house some years the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT, for its acronym in English), the team with the largest size ever built in the world, which includes an investment of U.S. $ 1,320 million and whose launch is planned for 2020. In this scenario, our country is evaluating what business opportunities can be opened in astronomy and how to strengthen its presence in various ongoing projects.

For this, the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, headed by Paul Longueira Minister announced the creation of the Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO). This is an office that will be in charge of policy design in the areas of astronomy and of Chilean companies connect with their peers abroad. The instance will be based in the Innovation Division of the Ministry, which will bridge and will have as its ultimate encourage the development of a new industry that provides services to the world of astronomy. "Chile has a unique advantage in this area, we need advantage. In the next ten years, 70% of capacity for astronomical observation of the world will be here, and the development of these projects generates an interesting demand for services and the possibility of developing new business, "explains the head of the Division Innovation of the Ministry of Economy, Juan Manuel Santa Cruz. The office will begin to arm this week with the arrival of the person in charge of the project, whose name will be confirmed by these days. Santa Cruz added that the resort "will allow us to connect to large astronomical consortia with the national company to take full advantage and take advantage of business opportunities that are generated in this sector." That is, from this initiative can be encouraged astronomical tourism development or may be attached to the service providers who require it, matters were not being met in the country. Chilean delegation to Madrid Under this criterion, a Chilean delegation led by Juan Manuel Santa Cruz, traveled to Madrid in order to promote joint work with Spanish institutions and companies linked to astronomical industry. According to the Ministry of Economy, the trip included meetings with the Centre for Industrial Technological Development, CDTI, who presented the organization Chilean delegation and areas where they could collaborate. There was also a special presentation on the figure of the Industrial Liaison Officer, partner of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) for industrial themes in each member country, especially tender.

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