Sunday, June 10, 2012

Every galaxy has a black hole

Every galaxy has black holes at their center. While the black hole is active, traps and swallows all matter around it, like a whirlpool. When he is not able to swallow again, the matter continues to revolve around him, but not within. The galaxies whose black hole is still active called active galaxies.
Active galaxies are famous by their shape and the large whole of radiation they emanate. The black hole core is surrounded by a bright disc of matter, dust and hot gas. It is called the accretion disk, and spirals while emitting high energy radiation. Since the poles, the black hole space launches huge jets of particles, which can measure thousands of light years in length. The Milky Way galaxy was also active in the past.

Types of active galaxies
Four types of active galaxies: quasars, blazers, radio galaxies and Sifter galaxies. Quasars and blazers are the most distant objects and higher energy known. They are billions of light years from Earth. We see them as they were in the past, when galaxies were still forming. They are the brightest objects in the universe, but are so far away that their light reaches us faintly. Almost all known active galaxies are quasars.

The radio galaxies and Sifter galaxies are objects nearby and very bright. Emit X-rays, infrared radiation and radio waves. Its radiation is so great that the main source of radio waves across the Cosmos.

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