Saturday, June 23, 2012

Learn the lunar crust and interior

The NASA complete the data collection to study the moon from crust to core mission has completed its primary earlier than expected. The team GRAIL (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory), the mission composed of Ebb name the twin probes (High Tide) and Flow (Low Tide), is now preparing to extend suss science operations from 30 August to 3 December .
The mission of the Holy Grail has brought unprecedented detail about the internal structure and evolution of the moon. This information will increase our knowledge of how the Earth and its neighboring rocky inner solar system became the various worlds we see today.
From the March 8, spacecraft have operated throughout the day for 89 days. From an orbit that passes over the lunar poles, we have collected data for the entire surface three times.
An instrument called Lunar Gravity Ranging System on board each spacecraft has transmitted radio signals that have allowed scientists to translate the data into a high-resolution map of the gravitational field of the moon. The ships sent their latest data provided in the mission on Tuesday.
Both instruments in their ships will be off until 30 August. The spacecraft will have to support a lunar eclipse on June 4. The eclipse and sudden temperature changes associated were already planned and will not affect the future operation of the ships.
The objective of the extended mission is to look more closely at the moon's gravitational field. To accomplish this, the GRAIL mission planners to halve its current operating level flying at lower altitude can be maintained safely.
‘Orbiting at an average altitude of 23 kilometers during the extended mission, GRAIL twins may clear some of the highest characteristics of the surface of the moon," said Joe Beerer, mission manager.

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