Saturday, June 23, 2012

A radioactive cesium textile absorb the water and soil

Researchers from the Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo (Japan), have fabricated a fabric that absorbs radioactive cesium content in the water and soil. According to experts, this creation may be useful in the cleansing efforts in areas affected by radiation in Japan.
According to Nippon newspaper has published the 'Mainichi Shimbun', the experiment was conducted in a village in the province of Fukushima, where the nuclear plant badly damaged by the earthquake of March 11, 2011.

There, researchers immersed a piece of cloth in water containing 20 becquerels (unit of measurement of radioactivity) of radioactive cesium per liter. The piece measured 60 by 40 inches and weighed 18 grams. Measurements taken the next day showed that the level of radioactivity in the water decreased to 8 Becquerel’s per liter.
The advantage s of absorbent fabric is its low production cost and the ability to move easily and cut into pieces according to the level of radioactivity. Anyone can use it to decontaminate your home or garden, the authors have noted the paper.

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