Thursday, June 28, 2012

Missions to the Moon from South America

South America became, in World War II, in a field of technological experimentation by the Nazis, with colonies in Argentina, Chile or Brazil, where they developed incredibly advanced secret weapons that could have changed the course of the war and history.
Such technologies include engines able to overcome gravity applied to a circular craft, power unknown allies with the goal of going to the moon and nuclear research pointing to an imminent development of an atomic bomb to the end of the war In 1945, frustrated.
This is the thesis of Philip Botaya Spanish author, who just completed his tetralogy about Nazi secret technology to the book "Kolonie Waldner 555" (Nowtilus), which outlines the role of these German settlements in South America, protected by local authorities and some of which survived the war.

According Botaya, SS laboratories were on the border of Brazil with Argentina and Paraguay, Patagonia, Argentina or in the Chilean Andes were part of a master plan whose epicenter was in a mine near the village of Ludwigsdorf, together with the Czech border, including Sudeten and Lower Silesia.
"They used an exotic physics that has nothing to do with what they called the Jewish physics, Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer. Made innovative discoveries that time and that even they would be in the current era, as the 'bell', Die Glocke "explains Botaya in an interview with Efe.
This contraption, whose existence there are many testimonies but whose track faded after the war, was a three meters in diameter and four tall bell-shaped, which turned two cylinders with a similar element mercury, the xerum 525, very radioactive.
The technology of "Die Glocke" cause, refers Botaya, an antigravity force that applied to the aircraft would achieve unmatched speeds.
This invention and the Nazis would explain survival base phenomena like UFOs or strange and massive military expedition launched by the United States over the Antarctic two years after the war ended.
"I have no doubt that the UFO phenomenon has a terrestrial origin. Another thing is that we would have sold as 'Martian'" says Botaya, also author of "Antarctica 1947", "Operation Hagen" and "Kronos".
The writer relates that, "until the fifties, could be a center of Nazi power in the world possibly in Antarctica or Greenland. These bases were abandoned and were recovered that the Germans had in South America," where a large infrastructure from before the war.
"The main basis of the Nazis in South America was Brazil's Kolonie Waldner 555 (the figure was the number of Nazi affiliation of Martin Bormann, Hitler's right hand). Only that colony was the key project," explains.
As early as 1941, there was a U.S. intelligence report warning about the large presence of German forces in South America, which led, says Botaya, create U.S. bases in Brazil, "to counter that threat, who survived the conflict.”
U.S. "always knew what was going on and manipulated with the UFO hysteria. Even tried to make their own flying saucers, but did not reach the level of the Germans. Internal combustion engines were compared to those based on anti-gravity" he says.
The brain of the technology offensive Nazi General Hans Kammler SS (disappeared mysteriously in April 1945) "gave such investigations sprint after the attempt on Hitler in July 1944, it is difficult to imagine what would have happened if such impulse had occurred in 1939, the story would be different now.”
In his book, novel Botaya the possibility that these Nazi forces, "that after the war hid in powerful multinational corporations," had reached the moon in 1945 from Cologne Dignity in Chile.
This idea, according to the author, fueling doubts about the Apollo XI mission and that the satellite being so close to Earth, Americans and Russians interrupted for nearly four decades of lunar exploration.
"Why build an international space station, delivering a colossal engineering in space, when you take a natural base as the moon itself, which is long in coming just three days? Maybe because someone did before," concludes.

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