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The New Moon occurs on June 19

Allan Sandage was born on June 18, 1926 the first astronomers to recognize the optic complement of a four star. These objects and Habana been discovered, but I know it as powerful transmitters ³. Visually, he looked a tiny point of light and so was described as quasi-stellar objects, the name was reduced to rhino scuba Sara.
On Tuesday June 19 at 10:02 AM, the Moon is New. It every 6 months-about-it is possible to see, the profile of the new moon somewhere on Earth. Those lucky enough to see this rare phenomenon they call eclipse Solar. The New Moon occurs on June 19 at 15:02 hours Universal Time.You should not go unnoticed! Mia Wednesday June 20 at 6:09 PM occurs the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere of planet Earth.
Broadly speaking, this is the day more throughout the year s ± o and when the sun reaches its highest point at noon (if you live north of the tropics of Cancer ³ peaks). In no time the sun gets closer to the north. At the solstice the sun king stops north and begins its journey southward, gradually. The word Solstice means Sun stops. Simultaneous onerously "in the southern hemisphere winter solstice occurs. The summer solstice occurs on June 20 at 23:09 hours Universal Time
Do not miss it! On Thursday June 21 at 9:25 PM the moon is in the constellation of Cancer ³ n, aligned south’s of the planet Mercury, the stars Castor and Pollux in Gemini. The Greeks vegan in Cancer the crab that Hera sent ³ giant to tweak the heels and distract Hercules while set struggled against fierce bear Ponzoa ± Hydra, a serpent with 9 heads. Manama apparent distance (6 º) on June 22 at 04:30 pm Universal Time.
 Do not miss it! On Friday June 22 at 9:55 PM the moon is very near the horizon in the constellation of Cancer ³ n, southern mule comfortable open º Messier 44, Messier and a side of 67. The comfortable second mule is an excellent field of study for astra ³ nomos they wish to examine the different spectral types of stars, as well as the different evolutionary stages. Messier 44 contain stars of type A, F, G, K and M (only missing the more s hot: types O and B) ASA as red giants and white dwarfs. On Friday June 22 evening after © s of the moon appears over the western horizon with its feature earthshine. A Do Who © n said no podia see the dark side of the moon? Â Sure is! And it appears subtly illuminated by the Earth, which also © n reflects the sun's rays
On Friday June 22 at 10:21 PM the Moon is in the constellation of Cancer ³ n, and hides the second mule comfortable open Messier 67. He hides behind the horizon before the second mule comfortable emerge. In addition s distinguished by being very old, M67 contains a stellar high population ³ n as born together; the stars are the same age. This is used by the ASTRA ³ nomos to see the effects of time on stars of different mass (n stellar evolution). Entry and exit of the ocultaci ³ n, on 23 May 01:50 to 03:00 hours Universal Time. (Applies to Greenwich, England)
On 23 June 1998 announced the first planet discovered orbiting a red dwarf star. Red dwarfs are more s 80% of stars in the galaxy, so the news Drew ³ an optimistic outlook for planet hunters. The planet called Gliese 876 b has twice the mass Jupiter and was released by two teams of researchers led by Geoffrey Marcy and Xavier Delfosse
On Sunday June 24 at 9:25 PM The planet Mercury is in the n ³ constellation of Cancer, aligned south of the stars Castor and Pollux (and very near the horizon). Take advantage Attempt to meet Mercury. It's a small planet ± o and s more from the Sun almost always goes unnoticed because of the brightness of the sun. Obvious distance Manama June 24 at 11:00 Universal Time.
On Sunday June 24 at 10:00 PM the Moon is in the constellation of Sextans ³ n, south of the star Regulus. The Sun takes between 25 and 35 days to spin once on Sa same, but Regulus does In only the 16 hours (he is nicknamed â € œthe trompoâ € among his friends) A Do Quad  the accelerometer so much?: The transfer of gas from other star is the likely cause. The star œsospechosaâ to do this is now a white dwarf ± company was. Manama apparent distance (6 º) on June 24 at 10:00 Universal Time.
IMPORTANT: If you live in MÃ © xico, surely you can see also © n the event. SÃ ³ I checked on what happens hour sega © º n n your location and see the following link http://www.tutiempo .net / Land / Huso_Horario. php Also © n you can calculate, from Universal Time is ± winged.
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Greetings and clear skies
Pablo Lonnie Pacheco Railey
Astronomical Society Planetarium Alfa mica
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