Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reports for Venus transit 2012

2012 Venus Report from Caracas, Venezuela, had totally clear skies during the event. I watched in the company of my family and from my house, where we could see the sun all afternoon until sunset on the horizon itself. The group indicated we could observe with a telescope reflector 8 " with white light filter. Also use the classic lenses eclipse of 1998 that gave Venezuela all the total eclipse of February of that year. Of which had 4 that had not been used, and the glass solder # 12 and # 13 for the observations without telescope.
The sunset was extraordinary because for the last 15 minutes dimmed the brightness of the solar disk and got to see Venus as a spot with the naked eye and without filter that began to appear from the upper right. Also use three binoculars, 10X50, with their respective filters solar, which tubimos fantastic views of the sun and the shadow of Venus. After dark, we could follow it online from my website in which is the live broadcast of the event. It was the maximum you now will pass the baton to the next observers of the future XXII century in 2117.

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