Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chilean worries mysterious streak of light

Around midnight, it was noted 'a very striking light' in the sky of Iquique,
The Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena initiated an investigation

The past midnight across much of the sky of Iquique, which many photographed, but that could not be picked up by radar and control towers.
Authorities are investigating a mysterious trail in Chile last midnight light that crossed much of the sky of Iquique in the north,

where it was observed or photographed by hundreds of people but not picked up by radar and control towers at airports.

Around midnight (04:00 GMT on Tuesday) was observed "a very striking light" with a "loud bang," he told reporters Mario Hernandez, director of the National Emergency Office (Onemi) in the region Carapace.

"It could be a meteorite or other item," ventured the official, while many city dwellers, a thousand 851 kilometers north of Santiago, said through social networks have seen the phenomenon and some included images taken with mobile phones.

The governor of Iquique, Felipe Rojas, warned that several images have appeared on Facebook or Twitter "does not correspond to the flash of light" and denied versions circulating in the city that it was a meteorite fall in the local coastline.

Paradoxically, the luminosity was not captured by the radar in the area or for the control towers at airports, and there was only one report, according to the Air Force, in a commercial plane that passed through the region, the crew noticed the phenomenon.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Chile (DGAC), under Air Force said today that the brightness was not caused by any aircraft and announced the opening of an investigation, which will be conducted by its Committee on Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Studies (CEFAA).

"There is no record of any trace that has been visualized in the northern network of radars, nor any reports of any other nature centers and control towers operating in the country, except as reported by the crew of an aircraft sighted a light commercial space, "said the Authority in a statement.

The research, explained, will be based in photographs, filming and declarations of witnesses. "If there are such records, information will be sent to different centers of study of aerial phenomena in the world, to complement the analysis and obtain a reasonable explanation."

"As you can infer an ultimate explanation to anomalous aerial phenomenon undergoes a long process of scientific research, which can delay indefinitely and is not always an answer eventually," the DGAC

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