Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Venus, Jupiter and Aldebaran in the sky line up in July

The two brightest planets in the solar system, Venus and Jupiter will shine together in the sky at night and the dawn of the first weeks of July , as reported by NASA. To observe this spectacle experts have pointed out that one need only look to the east. On Wednesday, Venus became visible for the first time, going through the exact center of a large group of stars that is located 153 light years from the Earth (the cluster of the Hyades). Thus, in the coming days, if you use binoculars, you can see by the planet dozens of stars scattered in the sky.

In turn, Jupiter will make its entry tomorrow July 7 and is aligned with Venus and Aldebaran , the bright eye red Taurus. Aldebaran is a giant red star of first magnitude. Along with Venus and Jupiter will form a nearly perfect vertical line in the dawn sky. In this sense, astronomers have noted that the three bodies are so well located and so close together that, that that note, you can cover them only with the palm of your hand. On July 9, Venus and Aldebaran will converge to form a colorful partner . Just more than a degree of arc separate the two bodies, while Jupiter's 'look' from above. This training will remain in heaven until the July 15, when the crescent Moon joins the show , thereby forming a bright celestial triangle with Venus and Jupiter .

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