Saturday, July 21, 2012

They find a fifth moon orbiting in Pluto

Hubble  Space  Telescope's  fifth  moon discovered orbiting Pluto, dwarf planet in the solar system, and  increased  the curiosity of scientists  in this more complex than is I thought.

The U.S. Space Agency (NASA) announced today that the fifth known moon of Pluto, named P5, is irregular in shape and dimension between 10 and 25 miles on a circular orbit of about 93 thousand miles around the planet.

Scientists have been stunned after the discovery of the complexity of an icy dwarf planet like Pluto, orbits "carefully arranged, a bit like Russian dolls."

The theory seems to be imposed is that the five moons of Pluto are the result of an impact between a celestial body Pluto and the Kuiper Belt for billions of years.

The discovery will make better use of the instruments of the New Horizons spacecraft as it passes by Pluto's satellite system in 2015.

The finding does indicate that there may be a cloud of small particles orbiting Pluto, which could jeopardize New Horizons mission, which NASA launched in 2006.

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