Saturday, July 21, 2012

Astrophysicists do not rule out Earth-like planet found before the 2022

Astrophysicists do not regulation out judgment within ten years a small planet like Earth said today Ignaci Ribas, one of the organizers of the "Cool Stars 17", the international meeting on cool stars in Barcelona brings together the best experts in this type of stars.
Rivas said in remarks to Efe already  identified  more  than  800  planets around cool stars, and that is very close to finding one that is very similar to ours.
He added that the problem is that, even if you know where he is, with current technology for space travel would take millions of years to come.

But, he said yes it would be feasible, if it was a planet inhabited by intelligent beings, talk to them through radio signals, although the round trip of messages would require a hundred years.

He stressed that the planets are concentrated around cool stars, which are 80% of those seen and there in the universe, including the Sun, and are so named because its temperature is below the six thousand degrees.

In our galaxy there are about 200 thousand stars cold and hot stars, which are 20%, have a temperature ranging between 20 000 and 50 000 degrees.

Experts have found in this meeting in Barcelona that cooler stars may be 10% larger than previously thought, a fact that is very important when looking to study models.

It has also addressed the "music of the stars", ie, vibrations with those celestial bodies, allowing them to resonate with a range of frequencies as musical notes.

The pitch can identify size, composition, and to its evolution.

According to the expert, an astrophysicist at the Space Science Institute, CSIC-IEEC, the stars are like the soundboard of a guitar, which when it strikes a chord resonates within.

At the Barcelona meeting also presents some results of the NASA Kepler mission, which is dedicated to detecting extrasolar planets through these frequencies, with a technique similar to the seismicity, but adapted to the space.

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