Friday, September 28, 2012

Scientists recommend sailing the seas of Titan

The concept of a new mission to discover Saturn's largest moon is a machine capable of driving on the surface of Titan on the wheels, and then turn the boat and walk with blades and propeller on hydrocarbon seas second largest satellite solar system.

The mission of "Cassini-Hyuygens" Titan is actively studied in the 2000s, was able to stay a short time on the surface of its seas.

The new mission, called Titan Lake In-situ Sampling Propelled Explorer will land in the middle of the largest lake in Titan's called Sea Ligei will float to the coast, along the way making scientific measurements. The expedition will last from six months to a year.

Titan is too low to sustain life temperature, but it is rich in nitrogen atmosphere, a lot of organic compounds that could play a significant role in the origin of life on Earth.

The project mission was presented at the European Congress of planetary science September 27.

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