Friday, September 28, 2012

Shock waves are concerned the solar system

The planets of our solar system could have formed at different times, with the participation of shock waves coming from the sun, according to an astronomer.

This theory presumes that the Earth is one of the youngest of the planets in the solar system, along with Mercury, Venus and Mars.

In the new work presented Tagger Abdulmyanovym of Kazan State Power University, said that the formation of the solar system occurred under the influence of shock waves coming from the sun. The first wave has led to the appearance of Uranus and Neptune, and the next wave contributed to the formation of planets in the direction away from the periphery of the protoplanetary system to its center. Accretion of gas and dust in the protoplanetary rings led to "accelerate the formation of the planets" and contributed to the formation of only one planet from each protoplanetary ring and not a few, says Abdulmyanov.

Scientist presented his work at the European planetary science congress in Madrid, Spain.

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